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Initial Release2000
Category[Content Management System, Blog software], [Self-hosted Platform]
Written inPHP
LicenceGNU GPL v2+
DatabasePostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, Oracle
Operating SystemCross-platform
Usage StatisticsCMS: 2.9% (1.6% of all websites in the world) / Source : w3techs.com
Similar CMSWordPress, Joomla!, …

Drupal is a flexible CMS based on the LAMP stack, with a modular design allowing features to be added and removed by installing / uninstalling modules, and allowing the entire look and feel of the website to be changed by installing / uninstalling themes. The base Drupal download, known as Drupal Core, contains the PHP scripts needed to run the basic CMS functionality, several optional modules and themes, and many JavaScript, CSS, and image assets. Many additional modules and themes can be downloaded from the Drupal.org website.

Originally developed as a student community solution, Drupal is today a CMS used by 1.6% of all the websites, that is a content management system market share of 2.9%. (Drupal is among top 5 of all CMS)

Drupal community has more than 1,399 million members, including 117,924 users actively contributing, resulting in more than 44,907 free modules that extend and customize Drupal functionality, over 2,843 free themes that change the look and feel of Drupal, and at least 1,337 free distributions that allow users to quickly and easily set up a complex, use-specific Drupal in fewer steps.

Drupal is particularly suited for small and medium-sized community projects. But its large range of extensions makes it possible to implement company portals with complex multi-domain structures.


  • Slim basic installation but with more than 44,900 extension modules.
  • Includes a support for ready-to-use multilingual sites.
  • Over 1,330 free distributions for quick and easy configuration of complex and specific projects.
  • Drupal is renowned for its security.


  • Modules are installed manually via FTP.

For better management of the technical infrastructure and regular updates, it is advisable to get Drupal from a web hosting service provider.


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