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To Earn15+ cryptocurrencies such as: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, XMR, BTG, BSV, RVN, ETN, PLUS1, BTB, WIZ, and more.
TasksDaily Faucets, PTC Ads, Surveys, Offerwalls, External Faucets, Email Blast Faucets, Geofaucets, Forum Faucets, Bitferno
Timer3 claims per day
Cashout SolutionsCrypto Wallet
Other AdvantagesPromotes new cryptocurrencies
You can exchange crypto for your favorite crypto
Referral program
Business Account


What is FreeFaucet.io?

FreeFaucet.io is a multi-coin faucet that offers over 15 claimable cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Ravencoin, Electroneum, PlusOneCoin, BitBall, CrowdWiz, and more.

Free registered users can make three claims per day. There are also membership packages available to boost earnings and claims. The Platinum Membership, for example, enables users to make 20 claims per day and get 30x the claim reward. It also provides the member with access to exclusive coins and early access to select coins. Another big draw of membership is it eliminates transaction fees between accounts.

FreeFaucet.io offers several ways to earn cryptocurrency:

– Daily Faucets: There are currently 17 daily faucets available for 17 different currencies.

– PTC (Paid to Click) Advertisements: PTC faucet rewards range from 5 BTC Satoshi for a 5 second visit, to 500 BTC Satoshi for a two minute visit.

– Surveys: Earn up to $14 USD for every survey you complete, paid in your favourite cryptocurrency!

– External Faucets: External Faucets reward users for performing a task on another website. You can earn cryptocurrency for tasks such as signing up to websites, logging in, playing games and more.

– Email Blast Faucets: You subscribe to the FreeFaucet.IO mailing list, receive emails with information about interesting cryptocurrency projects, and receive a cryptocurrency reward for opening them.

– Geofaucets: Earn crypto by visiting real life locations, or whenever someone visits your geofaucet! Geofaucet users visit a geofaucet’s geographical location and scan the QR code on display for a cryptocurrency reward. There are geofaucets all over the world, created by FreeFaucet.IO users.

– Forum Faucets: Users can earn cryptocurrency by creating posts and comments on the FreeFaucet.IO forum.

– Bitferno: Bitferno is a high-powered mining super-computer that automatically airdrops monthly cryptocurrency rewards to FreeFaucet.IO users. Bitferno rewards users based on their activity on FreeFaucet.IO.


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