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ProductsFree Lottery
Payment MethodsCheques, Bank transfer, Paypal
Referral10% of the Points of all your godchildren
LanguagesEnglish, German, Chinese, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian

About MadLoto

MadLoto is a free lottery site published by DreamCentury. Every registered player can play every day for free a lottery grid per draw, so two grids per day since there are two draws (11:00am gmt & 6:00pm gmt). Additional grids are credited to you when you carry out an action such as registration or action with one of their partners.

How to play?

To play, select 6 numbers on the grid and validate your participation by clicking on one of the proposed banners. You can also, if you wish, play the “bonuses” that will earn you extra Points.
  • Color bonus: you earn Points in the draw for each number of the color you have chosen even if they are not your numbers.
  • Even or Odd bonus: you earn Points when you draw each number that corresponds to the choice you made even when it is not your numbers.
  • Section bonus: you earn Points in the draw for each number that belongs to the section of the grid you chose, even when it is not your numbers.

What can we win?

  • For 5 and 6 good numbers, you can win amounts in foreign currency or gifts.
  • For 1 to 4 good numbers, you win Points.
As soon as your balance of points allows it, you can thanks to them:
  • Participate in raffles in raffle shops and try to win the gifts of your choice.
  • Transfer your points to your MadWin, Wonderz/QuoVerbis or ZooValley/CadoVillage account if you have one.


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