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Hosting TypesVPS, Cloud
Products & ServicesFlexible Cloud, Fixed NVMe Cloud, SSD VPS, NVMe VPS
Server LocationsMontreal, Paris
Main FeaturesOS : Windows & Linux VPS, Powered by SSD technology
 Full Control & OS Reinstall
 99.999% Uptime
 Secure & Optimized
 Traffic: Unlimited
 Connectivity: Up to 1Gbps
 24/7 Support
 7 day Money back guarantee

OpenHosting is one of the most stable solution if you are looking for hosting services that only use new technologies.

All servers are equipped with NVMe or SSD storage, depending on what are your needs. IThey offer great free features: NAT, Firewall, LoadBalancer, DDoS protection and many others.

Products & Services:

Flexible Cloud

Customize your own Cloud. Add more than one VPS and choose the exact resources necessary.

In a world that is constantly changing, flexibility is the key to adapt. If you’re having trouble trying to find a VPS suitable for your type of business, consider asking one of guys from Tech Support about how to customize your own virtual machine and what are the exact resources necessary to conduct your work efficiently.

Fixed NVMe Cloud

Easy and ready to go. Choose a pre-configured setup package and you’ll be online in just a few seconds.

Powerful SSD VPS

To ensure maximum efficiency and speed, all our server packages are equipped with Solid-state drives.

Powerful NVMe VPS

Using NAND technology, our NVMe storage devices deliver a slightly higher performance than regular SSDs.


Flexible Configurations

  • 1 – 8 CPUs
  • 2GB – 32GB RAM
  • 30 GB – 500 GB NVMe Storage
  • Create multiple machines
  • Weekly Payments
  • 24/7 Support
  • Windows or Linux
  • Europe or North America


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