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ProductsFree Virtual Horse Racing Game
RewardSulkies (Virtual currency of the game convertible into euros)
Payment MethodsPaypal, AlloPass, Bank transfer, Western union
Minimumwithdrawal: €5
Referral400 reward sulkies per referral each day they log into the game
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch

About Sulkyland

Sulkyland is a game allowing players to manage a stable of virtual horses, it is a virtual reconstitution of the equestrian world. Virtual horse races are run 24h/24 and 7d/7 in several virtual racetracks.

You are the owner of your horses and have to manage your stable to get the horses of your dreams and make them enter the most prestigious races.

You are the trainer of your horses and have to define the best training techniques to make their capacities progress at best. Also, you can entrust the training of your horses to other players.

You are the jockey of your horses and have to make up the best running strategies to lead them to victory. You can entrust them to other players as well.

As a breeder you can cross your horses to give birth to the best lines that will make the performances of each generation improve.

You can buy and sell horses or offer your stallions as studs, trying to find the best deals.

As at the racecourse, you can bet on the races (normal or combined bets…). Some races offer jackpots divided between the winners of the bets, that can be a gold mine for you.

You manage your own racetrack and you can make up your own races or competitions.

Many and varied rankings give you goals and allows you to measure your progress month by month.

Many communication tools (chat rooms, web mail, forums…) allows you to talk with other players, to join together into clans, and to meet new friends.

Sulkyland is published by Dafilog Sarl, 319 chemin de sça, 54700 Pont à Mousson – France
Telephone: Daniel Fichter: +33 (0)

Sulkyland to date: 29 330 967+ created horses and 1 149 450+ players signed up


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