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Earn FREE TRON every 30 minutes

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To EarnTron (TRX)
TasksFree Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Lottery, Contests, and more
TimerFree Roll each 30 minutes
Cashout SolutionsTron Wallet, FaucetPay or KSWallet
Withdrawal Threshold10 TRX to 1 TRX
ReferralUp to 25%

What is TronWarz?

TronWarz is a free faucet where you can get bits (internal site currency) every 30 minutes by just solving a captcha. You can increase your Bits earnings by visiting Shortlinks, completing PTC visits, Offerwalls and many more.

Then convert your Bits into Tron and withdraw on FaucetPay, or on your Tron Wallet.

If you don’t login for more than 7 days you will start losing 5 Bits every day until you login again or your account balance goes to 0.

You can also invite your friends using your special affiliate URL and receive 5% – 25% of their faucet claims, 3% – 15% of their offerwalls earnings and 3% – 10% of their shortlinks earnings for life. You must login every day to receive referral commissions.


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