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What is a bitcoin faucet?

by | Dec 21, 2018

A Bitcoin Faucet is a website where you can win free bitcoins in exchange to advertisement exposure or little task to do.

These gains are generally made in regular length of time (10mn or less, 15mn, 20mn, 30mn, hour or more). The quantity of bitcoins to be win can be known before or in an unpredictable way. Some faucets increase gradually the gain in case of fidelity in claims. The unit of gain is the satoshi: 1 Bitcoin = 100 000 000 Satoshi and 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

Cash retrieval is possible when you have reached a minimum amount of gain. It can be automatic in your bitcoin wallet or made by you. In this last case, many websites pay within 48 hours and others on regular basis (once a week more often).

You have to know that these websites make a big part of their incomes through the diffusion of advertisements and their proper renumeration depends of the number of publicity seen, clicks on promotions, for some gains made by users due to the diffusion of these announces. It is a part of these gains that are redistributed on the form of gifts.

Be careful!

The majority of faucets are « SCAM », they don’t pay. It is more often websites that promise big gains, let you do but don’t pay when you need your cash.

Be aware of malwares, don’t download unknown software nor unnecessary updates propose by these websites (a download can contain software to generate unwanted publicity on your desktop that will be difficult to remove. You need a good antivirus and resist to temptation of clicking on any publicity.

The stake of this quest of free bitcoins is to cumulate the highest number of satoshi. The time dedicated to this quest does not have to isolate you socially, deserting other occupations and obligations that you have elsewhere. Do it when you have spare time.

Faucet websites are generally in different languages, if you face difficulties, use for example google chrome navigator to translate pages from the site that you need.

How to translate web pages from chrome?

When you consult a page written in a forein language, you can translate it with the help of google chrome:

  • On your computer open chrome,
  • Open the page written in the unknown language,
  • At the top of the page, from the contextual menu, click on translate. Chrome will translate the page.
  • If it does not function, refresh the page.

Qualities of a good faucet:

A good faucet have to:

  • Be simple of use,
  • Pay well,
  • Respect days and conditions of payment,
  • Be constant in his engagements. etc.

Ranking of the best cryptocurrencies faucets

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