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What is a Rewarding Website?

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I – What is a Rewarding Website?

Here, we define “Rewarding Websites” the sites on the web that help people quickly, easily and licitly earn extra money online by doing simple things that they either enjoy or already do online.

For example- You will GET PAID TO click on Ads, complete surveys, surf the Internet, play games, watch videos, conduct web searches, solve a captcha, shop online & many more things.

The concept behind “Rewarding Websites” is simple:

  • Advertising networks and research companies offer tasks.
  • Rewarding Websites list these tasks and then offer them to their users on their platforms.
  • When a user completes an offer, the “Rewarding Website” credits his account with a portion of the income generated by that task.

Rewarding Websites are the best, the easiest way to make extra money online and you don’t need any special skills to perform tasks: Simply choose one or more Rewarding Websites, register and start earning money by selecting from the offered tasks the ones you want to do.

But note that if you don’t choose the right site, your efforts and time may be wasted due to scam sites – In principle, Rewarding Websites are not scam sites; unfortunately dishonest people have broken into them. Hence the creation of your site «websitenotation.com» to flush them out.

You should also understand that Rewarding Websites cannot enrich anyone. Those are just additional source of income.

Some categories of Rewarding Websites:

A – GPT (Get Paid To) Websites

GPT is an acronym for Get-Paid-To, Precisely because these are websites that pay their users to perform various small tasks on the Internet such as Clicking Ads, Completing surveys and offers, Watching videos, Playing games, Reading emails, Referring friends and many more.

There are different categories of GPT:

PTC (Paid To Click)

This is one of the easiest ways to start earning – You simply click on each advert offered to you and watch it for about 10 to 30 seconds and get paid.

Get Paid to Watch Videos

Videos are usually advertorial in nature. You are rewarded for each video you choose to view in full. Follow the instructions provided on each page.

Get Paid To Play Games

Some allow you to make money just by playing games, while others are more competitive and will require you to win against other players to earn cash or points.

Paid Trials and Reviews

This may be free product trials where you test products or services and then post reviews about them; Or an incentive to post a review about a product or service you have purchased.

PTR (Paid To Read)

Read Emails, Books, etc. – Emails are usually advertisements from partnered companies. Some GPT websites send them to your email address, while others will only send them to your dashboard on their site, so be sure to check both.

Paid Surveys

Completing online surveys is a very popular way to make money on the web. It is one of the most paid types of tasks.

But some users might find it difficult to qualify for many surveys available on GPT sites because most market research companies target specific audiences, and usually only focus on highly populated and influential areas.

Take part in paid surveys by signing up an account on the website concerned. You should next complete your Survey Profile. This way you’ll get recommendations of surveys that best suit you. Be sure to respond to the invites you get in your email inbox or on your site dashboard, because these are likely surveys targeted toward your demographic.

A typical survey will take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Offer Walls

The GPT websites provide a large selection of offers, all with different options and ways to make money.

You can earn money by Reading advertisement e-mails, Testing new company services and products, Posting to forum, blog or social pages, Following Social Media Accounts, Categorizing images, Downloading apps, Making Google searches, Signing up for websites, Shopping online etc.

These offers vary in compensation – It is better to try as many offers as you feel fit until you find the perfect offer for you.

B – Cryptocurrency Faucets

A crypto faucet is a website or app that allows visitors to claim free cryptocurrency simply by solving a captcha or completing a small task offered by the website.

Claims are generally allowed after each predetermined time interval (10mn or less, 15mn, 20mn, 30mn, hour or more).

Faucets are a great way to take your first steps into the world of cryptocurrency.

II – Tips and tricks

Almost everything you need to know for best results:

  • Browser: Disable all pop-up blockers
  • Enable cookies: Make sure to have your internet browser set (in “settings”) to allow all cookies as well as any firewalls being set to allow all cookies.
    Cookies are the main way that offers are tracked – No cookies, No credit for your time in the offers.
    The best browsers to use are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera…
  • Clean cookies: You should reset your cache and cookies after completing (And marking as completed) every offer. For example with Firefox, one needs to click on “Tools” and then “Clear Recent History.”
    If you attempt to complete an offer, and you see that your information is already pre-entered, that means cookies have not been properly cleared. Clear cookies before attempt the offer again.
  • Make sure you read the recommendations before starting to complete each offer. You can also read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant information on the advertiser’s site before you complete an offer.
  • It is best not to use your primary email address for offers
  • Never use invalid or temporary email address
  • Check your email after completing the offer to respond to any email confirmations
  • Complete every offer only once unless it is labeled Daily. (Advertisers are not interested in paying for the same person to try their product or service multiple times)
  • Speed: Some offers have an invisible time limit. (About 15 to 30 minutes from start-up)
  • Take your time while completing the offer: A good way to gauge your time is to read. View the ads and do your offers leisurely. Read over and double check all information before moving onto the next page, or submitting your form.
  • Make sure that you complete the entire offer (to the very end). For example, If you quit half way through a survey or don’t finish an offer, you won’t be credited. Many sites require that you confirm your email address at the end of the registration.
  • Take your time between offers: (About 5 minutes). Sometimes it is helpful to completely close your browser in between offers.
    The longer you take to fill out a survey, the more chance you have of it approving.
  • Only sign up to offers or trials which seriously interest you.
  • Limit the offers you complete each day. Doing too many offers on a day will highly reduce your approval rate.
  • Fill offers with valid, real and accurate information. By doing so, the advertiser will make some money and be more happy to give you credit for your work.
    If you’re not interested in having a company know your real information, don’t complete the offer.
  • No RoboForm (or any program that automatically enters your information for you)

III – Earnings Withdrawal Solutions

  • Payment processor (Ex. Paypal, Payoneer, Perfect money, Payeer, Epay, Upaycard, Advcash, Paysera, Skrill, Neteller…),
  • Bank Wire, Check, Visa/Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, CashApp…
  • Cryptocurrency (Ex. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple…),
  • Gift Cards (Ex. Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Tango, PlayStation, Starbucks, Walmart, Network & many more).


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