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What is siterating.net (« SR »)?

SR is a participatory web site that categorizes websites, automatically performs various rankings (from the best sites to scammers) from the ratings made by its members. This is to help people find the best websites for their online activities.

SR welcomes visitors, subscribers, and contributors.

What is a visitor on SR?

A visitor is any user who connects on SR only for the purpose of searching for an information. He is not obliged to register, therefore to have an account.

What is a subscriber on SR?

A subscriber is any user who has a « SUBSCRIBER » account on SR, which allows him to:

  • Participate in the rating of listed websites,
  • Manage his personal information from a dashboard…
What is a contributor on SR?

A contributor is any user who has a « CONTRIBUTOR » account on SR, from which he can:

  • Perform any subscriber’s tasks,
  • Write or improve posts (Tutorials, tips, advices, adding a website …) related to the purpose of the site,
  • Promote his affiliate links…

How to apply for a contributor account:

  • Access your « Subscriber » account
  • Use the path: Home » Dashboard » Become a publisher
  • Just follow the instructions.
What is a rating on SR?

A rating is a point of view that is given on a website. Any website listed has a « record card » that contains an rating form with five rating criteria and a comment section.

What is a record card for a website?

Any listed website has a record card, that is, a page on which we can find information necessary to analyze it; For example:

  • Its overall average score from ratings,
  • Its detailed average score per criterion,
  • All user reviews,
  • Its Presentation (Summary of activity, operation, etc.)
How to rate or give an opinion on a website?

Note that you must first have experience on a website to rate it objectively; we should always remember the major objective, which is helping Internet users to choose the most appropriate and save websites on which to browse.


  • Sign into your account,
  • Select the record card of the relevant website, (from the ranking page in its category, or by searching on SR)
  • Join your rating form by clicking on « Give an opinion »,
  • For each of the 5 rating criteria, give the site the number of stars (1 to 5 per criterion) it deserves (according to you),
    1. One star = Very bad
    2. Two stars = Bad
    3. Three stars = Fair
    4. Four stars = Good
    5. Five stars = Very good
  • Then leave a comment,
  • Finally, validate your rating. If you want, check the influence of your rating on the classification in the category of the site, or on its record card, by updating the concerned page.
How to modify or update your opinion on a record card?

Two methods are possible:

1- Ordinary way : Proceed as described above in the section « How to rate or give an opinion on a website? ». However, two options are now available to you:

  • « Delete » button to completely delete your rating,
  • « Edit » button to validate all changes made in your rating form.

2- From your dashboard : Click on « My ratings » menu to find all your opinions grouped in a table. From the « Actions » section, you can either delete or modify each of your ratings.

How does the site ranking system on SR works?

Each ranking is done automatically from two sections: first the « Warning » section, then the « Rating » section

A- « Warning » section

This section groups the websites into five categories organized as follows:

  1. N.T.R. = Nothing To Report > Legit website
  2. Observation = Website under observation
  3. Doubtful = Doubtful Website
  4. SCAM = Scam Website
  5. Closed = Closed Website


The SR moderation service always scans user feedback to highlight complaints, especially those related to goods and services transactions. Investigations are then conducted in order to retain proven cases and not definitively resolved. For a case not definitively resolved, the site is labeled « Doubtful », for more than one case, the site is labeled « Scam ». The complaints transmitted by the contact form are also taken into account.

When a site is new or not yet proven, it is labeled « Observation »

From the overall positive comments of the Internet users, the moderation service can (after a certain time) label a site « N.T.R. » (Nothing To Report)

B- « Rating » section

This section simply uses the overall average score obtained by each website to finalize the ranking.

So for each category of websites, the ranking is done first by « Alert », then by « Rating »

The « Alert » section quickly draws the visitor’s attention to the health of a site.

How is the average score calculated for a website?

Five criteria come into play:

  1. 1st criterion = Number of stars obtained by the website x 4 points = C1
  2. 2nd criterion = Number of stars obtained by the website x 2 points = C2
  3. 3rd criterion = Number of stars obtained by the website x 1 point = C3
  4. 4th criterion = Number of stars obtained by the website x 2 points = C4
  5. 5th criterion = Number of stars obtained by the website x 1 point = C5

Average rating per review = C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 + C5 / 10

Overall average score for a website = Sum (Average score per review) / (Number of reviews)

What are the criteria used to rate a website?

To rate each website, five criteria are selected from the following:

Rating criteriaExplanation
Mobile CompatibilityThis is the ability of the site to adapt to mobiles phones and tablets. This criterion weighs 1 point,
Conditions of sale
CredibilityThis is the degree of trust given to a site. This criterion is common to all site categories and weighs 4 points in the calculation of the overall average,
ReliabilityThis is The ability of an apparatus, machine, or system to consistently perform its intended or required function or mission, on demand and without degradation or failure. This criterion weighs 4 points,
Load TimesThis is the loading speed of a website. This criterion (+Reliability) weighs 4 points,
FeaturesNumber of available functions offered by a website. This criterion weighs 2 points,
Additional Services
Odds Quality
Earnings RateIt is the volume of gain to be paid per operation, by the site to the user – (The faucets for example). This criterion weighs 1 point,
Prices/Fees/CostThis is the total of the expenses to be carried out per operation, by the user for the site – (The wallets for example). This criterion weighs 1 point,
PricingPrice table of products or services. This criterion weighs 1 point,
Customer ServiceThis is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. This criterion weighs 2 points,
After-Sales ServiceThis is the fact of providing help to customers after they have bought a product, usually involving doing repairs that are needed or giving advice on how to use the product. This criterion weighs 2 points,
Technical SupportThis refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision or customization of product, or other support services. This criterion weighs 2 points,
UsabilityIt is the simplicity of access to a website, and especially the ease of use: it is the flexibility of the site. This criterion weighs 1 point,
DocumentationThis are all the tools available to the user to better understand the operation of the site. This criterion weighs 1 point,
Respect of deadlinesIt is the respect of the deadlines, the commitments taken by a site. This criterion weighs 2 points,
How to add a site or blog post to SR?

Procedure :

  • Subscribe by creating an account;
  • Participate in the rating of websites;
  • Fill out the request form to update your account to change from “simple subscriber” to “contributor” (Path: Home » Dashboard » Becoming publisher);
  • Wait for the answer and the action to be taken by email.
How to add a site in the list of favorites?

From his record card or page, click on « Add to Favorites » ; in the « ADD THIS PAGE TO YOUR FAVORITES » window, click on « Add to collection » after choosing the collection in which you wish to host your favorite page. Note that the same window gives you the ability to create your own collections.

How to modify a profile?

From your dashboard, click on « Edit my profile »

You can for example:

  • Change your display name to make it different from the account login name,
  • Upload your profile picture,
  • Specify your gender, your country of residence,
  • Link to your profile your Facebook and Instagram pages, your Twitter account…
  • Change your password,
  • Hide fields to the public, etc.
Can I join other SR members?

Once your account is created, you join the SR member community. Thus, you can decide to “follow” particularly members in order to communicate. For example, you can request information about the use of a website from a member with experience …

Your dashboard provides you with all the links you need to do this: “Membership directory”, “Online members”, “Follow”, “Your Following”, “Your followers”, “Your messages”, etc.

The operation is not far from that of “Facebook messenger”.

How to permanently delete your account?

Path: Home » Dashboard » Edit my profile / Delete your account

Warning !!! By deleting your account, all the data in your profile will be permanently destroyed, including all your contributions (reviews, publications, favorites, etc.)

This action is IRREVERSIBLE!

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